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Legs4Africa is a UK based charity that collects redundant prosthetic legs and sends them to trusted medical centres in Africa where they are modified and paired with a new amputee owner.

Press releases

Comedian Alex Brooker becomes Legs4Africa ambassador

Following his successful BBC Radio 4 Appeal on behalf of the organisation, comedian and TV personality Alex Brooker has joined... read more

28.09.2020 • By Legs4Africa

Stonehaven Rotary Club and Men’s Shed Join Hands to Recycle Prosthetic...

(March 5, 2020) – Stonehaven, a town south of Aberdeen, Scotland, is making itself famous for a simple yet important act. The Stonehaven Rotary... read more

06.03.2020 • By Legs4Africa

Gambian Amputee Association Members Attend 3-Day Mental Health Awareness...

(March 7, 2020) – Lived experiences can turn out to be valuable when they inspire and motivate others in similar situations to continue their... read more

06.03.2020 • By Legs4Africa

The Gambia Amputee Football Team Celebrates First Anniversary

The Gambia Amputee Football Team celebrated its first birth anniversary this February. The occasion was celebrated with a good game that pitted... read more

06.03.2020 • By Legs4Africa

Kegs4Africa - the brand new beer that gets people walking again

There’s a new charity beer on the scene in Bristol - this time thanks to a collaboration between independent brewery Fierce & Noble and local... read more

19.11.2019 • By Legs4Africa

Worcester garage converts van for charity’s West African mission

KIND-HEARTED staff at a Worcester garage have converted a camper van to left hand drive for a charity’s epic journey to deliver prosthetic limbs... read more

19.11.2019 • By Legs4Africa

Unsuspected collaboration in Bristol for international development

EMMAUS BRISTOL AND ITS PARTNERSHIP WITH LEGS4AFRICA IN BRISTOL Bristol, UK: From the start of 2019, Legs4Africa’s ‘Deliver a Leg’ campaign has... read more

18.03.2019 • By Legs4Africa

Little Euan leads campaign to recycle children's prosthetics in the UK

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 22.02.19 Little Euan from Bath leads campaign to recycle children's prosthetics Amputee Euan gives one of his prosthetic... read more

22.02.2019 • By Legs4Africa

Unlikely Bristol Partnership ensures 250 legs reach Ghana

Bristol Wholesale Fruit Centre donates crates for leg components Bristol Wholesale Fruit Centre has kindly said that they will donate all... read more

16.01.2019 • By Legs4Africa

Men in Sheds get People Moving Again

Retirement, loss of a partner or long term... read more

05.11.2018 • By Legs4Africa

The March Hair - The hairy campaign to get people walking again in West...

Fundraising date: March 1st-31st 2018 Legs4Africa, the amputee rehabilitation charity getting West Africa walking again, is excited to announce... read more

17.02.2018 • By Legs4Africa

Amputee Charity Gives More Than Just prosthetic Legs

Though Legs4Africa, an amputee charity, usually delivers only prosthetic legs to Africa, they just made a delivery that made a difference to a... read more

07.02.2018 • By Legs4Africa

Artist Champions Recycling With prosthetic leg donation Bound For Africa

UK based artist, My Dog Sighs, has ben applying his unique concepts of using reclaimed objects and materials to an interesting medium. In... read more

07.02.2018 • By Legs4Africa

The March Hair - the effortless campaign to get people walking again in...

Campaign date: March 1st-31st 2018 This March, let it grow. Pledge to not shave or trim your leg-hair for the full 31 days of March. Get nice and... read more

07.02.2018 • By Legs4Africa

Amputee Charity Gives More Than Just prosthetic Legs

Though Legs4Africa, an amputee charity, usually delivers only prosthetic leg components to Africa, they just made a delivery that made a... read more

18.01.2018 • By Legs4Africa

British amputee undertakes endurance swims to raise money for amputees...

Johnathan, 43, , has set out to do a series of progressively long distance swims. He has already completed a swim of 6 KM and is in training for a... read more

16.08.2017 • By Legs4Africa

Southampton woman donates prosthetic leg to amputee in Africa in memory...

After unsuccessfully attempting to return her late father’s prosthetic leg to the NHS, Glenda Hughes sort out the charity, Legs4Africa to... read more

13.08.2017 • By Legs4Africa

Bristol Based Business And Charity To Help Ship A Container Of Mobility...

“The humanitarian crisis in Syria has escalated to a level where 12.8 million people are in need of health assistance. There are an estimated... read more

13.06.2017 • By Legs4Africa

360° Video Crowdfunder - UK charity wants to raise £6,000 to provide...

Legs4Africa, a UK based charity who collect and send redundant mobility equipment to Sub-Saharan Africa, is looking to raise £6,000 to... read more

10.01.2017 • By Legs4Africa

Shipment of much needed prosthetic legs reaches Tanzanian hospital to...

After weeks of issues with customs and the container being held in limbo, a shipment of 500 recycled prosthetic legs finally reached its... read more

29.09.2016 • By Legs4Africa

New charity shop in Bristol opens its doors to the local community

Limbo, the first charity shop of Legs4Africa had it’s official opening on the 28th August. The shop furthers the charities ethos of community and... read more

21.09.2016 • By Legs4Africa

Emerging Bristol charity ships 500 prosthetic legs to Tanzania

Legs4Africa, a newly arrived charity in the city, have collected 500 discarded prosthetic legs from across the country and, with the help from... read more

07.06.2016 • By Legs4Africa

Bike mechanic to cycle the monstrous Stelvio pass for a charity which...

The Stelvio Pass in Italy rises over 1,600 metres over a 22 kilometre stretch of the Alps making it one of the most challenging cycling courses... read more

26.05.2015 • By Legs4Africa

Road trip to benefit amputees in West Africa

Legs4Africa releases short video tracking the progress of the team as they collect legs to be sent out to amputees in Africa In early April a... read more

14.05.2015 • By Legs4Africa

Legs4Africa Fundraiser Cassie Cava… Super Heroin

Cycling 170 miles over three days is a challenge which most people would avoid. Not only does she have a name that might be found in the pages of... read more

07.05.2015 • By Legs4Africa

Leg from Nottingham changes Amputees life in West Africa

Freelance Journalist Louise Hunt follows the journey of a leg from Nottingham to Banjul Gerry Shooter always wanted his leg to go to a good home,... read more

05.05.2015 • By Legs4Africa

Introducing.. The amputees of Africa

What would you give for a normal life? Maybe you have donated time, money or a prosthetic limb. Maybe you want to know more about the people... read more

28.04.2015 • By Legs4Africa